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What to do

Ann Arbor is a great little city, with lots to do! You can check out the Ann Arbor Area Convention and Visitors Bureau website for a great collection of resources.


For outdoors activities, we recommend kayaking down the Huron!  Start at the Argo Canoe Livery, open 10AM-4PM, where you can rent a two-person kayak for $22.  There are some fun little man-made ‘waterfalls’ you can go down!  The river helps you along as you paddle towards Gallup Park, where a van will drive you upriver back to Argo, where you started!  The trip is about 3.5 miles, and takes about 1.5 hrs to complete.  If you’re feeling tired, you can alternatively just float down the river on a floatie.


A calmer outdoors activity is walking through the Arboretum, or visiting the Botanical Gardens.  IMG_0476

Nichols Arboretum, a 123 acre nature area, is tucked alongside the Huron River between the University of Michigan’s North and Central campuses.  The Matthaei Botanical Gardens, on Ann Arbor’s east side, is a 300 acre property containing numerous formal gardens, a 10,000+ square foot indoor conservatory, and miles of hiking and discovery trails.

Kerrytown Market and Shops. Angela J. Cesere |

Kerrytown District is a unique blend of neighborhood and business. They are an historic area of downtown Ann Arbor that offers one of a kind shops, restaurants, markets, delis, concert house, art gallery, Farmers’ Market, children’s museum, and a rich and diverse culture. Shop, dine, and be entertained, stroll the tree-lined streets!


The Ann Arbor Farmers’ Market is a charming, small open-air marketplace featuring locally grown food, plants and handcrafts. It is a pleasant half-mile walk from the Campus Inn and a stone’s throw from the famous Zingerman’s Deli.  Please note that the Farmers’ Market is only open on Saturdays from 7-3.


You can also visit the Big House.  With a capacity of 109,901, Michigan stadium is the largest American football stadium. Unfortunately, the Big House is not open to the public right now, however, you can schedule a group tour if you’d like (There’s more information here). (Random Fact: Wondering why the stadium doesn’t look all that large from the outside? The turf is below ground level, so it’s not until you walk inside that you see the full size).


Or the Museum of Art!  Open Tuesday through Saturday 11 am–5 pm; closed Mondays; Sunday 12–5 pm.  There’s a great variety of exhibits and you can also skip over to campus.  The Diag is the middle of campus between Angell Hall, the Graduate Library, and the Bell Tower.  If you decide to walk around campus, along with the Diag, you should also make sure to see: The Law Quad, The Michigan Union, Angell Hall, Hill Auditorium, and the Michigan League.


Kids can check out the Hands-On Museum.

For restaurant recommendations, please see CloverEats!  Our favorite formal restaurants are Logan, Pacific Rim, and Vinology, all along Main St.  This is a long collection of restaurants as well as cute shops like Vault of Midnight (a games and comic book store), Rock Paper Scissors, and Cherry Republic!


Our favorite casual restaurants are Frita Batidos, Tomukun, and Mark’s Carts/Bill’s Beer Garden.  You can also walk along State St., which in addition to more restaurants, also has the sweet Dawn Treader used book store.


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