Fred and Cathy

are getting married!

How to get here

From Chicago, we recommend either driving, taking the Megabus, or the Amtrak train.
Driving: Fred claims he can make this drive in three hours, but it takes four hours usually. It’s great to have a car around Ann Arbor!
Megabus: This trip takes about five hours, on a bus that makes one stop along the way. If you book early, it’s very affordable, with prices as low as $22 one-way. The bus usually has Wifi and outlets. The Megabus arrives pretty far from downtown Ann Arbor, however, at the State St. Park and Ride, and requires taxi/friend to get to a hotel.
Amtrak: This is a much more comfortable option, albeit often slower at five+ hours. Also very affordable at $34 one-way if you book early. There are outlets and Wifi. It arrives much closer to the downtown location, but probably still requires a taxi/friend to transport you to the hotel. This is my preferred modality of transport.

From anywhere else in the world, we recommend flying!
Detroit Metropolitan Airport is 20 miles from Ann Arbor, about a 45 minute drive.
You can either rent a car or take the Air Ride, a $15 bus that goes to downtown Ann Arbor.


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